Castagnole delle Lanze - The Prello Wall

The big work - now a park for kids and elders

The project for the construction of the Prello wall raised from the need to consolidate the southern elevation of the town of Castagnole delle Lanze and found its finalization through the initiative of the municipal administration governed by the Mayor Alessandro Morata in the period from 1871 to 1878.

At the basis of the idea for the realization of a work that for its time and its location was certainly ambitious and not without risks, there was the need and the will to create an adequate space for the municipal market and also to prevent the collapse of the road adjacent to the Church of the Battuti and therefore possibly of the same church and neighboring houses.

Once appointed Mayor, the General of the Royal Carabinieri Alessandro Morata wanted to carry on the project considering it of great importance both for the commercial development and for the security of the country.

Its construction, due to the complexity and difficulties encountered, took longer than expected and the amount initially allocated for its construction had to be increased.

The documents kept in the Municipality of Castagnole, duly cited in the historical document by Prof. Remo Gianuzzi, speak of a particularly solid construction at its base both in terms of foundations and thickness and the slope and height increased due to the need to cope with a land which still is particularly unstable.

The work was completed in June 1878 by the then acting mayor, the lawyer Pietro Auberti, a few months after the death of the Mayor Morata who had promoted and inaugurated it.

Today that area, which was then recovered for common use with the construction of the wall, cleaned and embellished between the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 thanks to the works promoted by the Circolo Amici del Museo, houses a playground for children and a bowling green respectively named after the General Mayor Alessandro Morata and the Mayor Professor Ilario Violardo.

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